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Problem installing a CKEditor plugin.


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I'm trying to install the "Format" plugin (https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/format) for the CKEditor.

I downloaded the correct 4.10 version of it, chose that zip file in the 'Add Button' tab and then hit save. And it basically broke toolbars as seen in the screenshot below...


I used the "Restore default configuration" option to fix it, but I can't figure out what the issue is that's making this happen in the first place and preventing this plugin from installing correctly.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Thanks for the reply. I just checked it again and it seems to have somehow fixed itself. I didn't have any other plugins installed, this was the first. But whatever problem I was seeing before (shown in screenshot) is no longer happening. So, apparently... it's magic. Fine by me.

Thanks again.

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On 9/28/2019 at 3:12 AM, Ic3Man said:

Hello people. I have the same problem I did in the help procedures, but I didn't fix it, after installing some CKEditor covers, I removed the covers, but I didn't get back to normal, can anyone help, sorry for the bad english.



I had this problem; thankfully, someone on here PM'ed me once, and let me know one of the main files for CKEditor was missing on my board. What I suggest doing is going into your board's FTP and downloading the latest CKEditor from Invision, and comparing what could be missing; that should solve this error.

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