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Prevent a user from posting from the meber's profile

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How can I put a users posts up for manual review from the member's profile right now I just have the abilty to flag the user as a spammer preventing him from using the forum as a whole.


What I want to do is just make certain guys who register that I suspect might be suspicious to set their first post on manual review - WITHOUT going into the ADMIN ACP.

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You cannot require review of status updates I'm afraid.

You can, however, do the following:

  • Disallow new users from posting status updates altogether, and require their other submissions to be approved by a moderator
  • Allow users in a "Full Members" group (name it anything you want) the ability to post status updates, and do not require moderator approval of submissions.
  • Set up group promotion rules so that after X approved submissions (could be 1, or 5, or whatever makes sense for your site) the user gets moved to the Full Members group
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