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ips.ui.dialog suggestion


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ips.ui.dialog first off i would like to say, i love this widget, its amazing all it can be made to do, but there is one suggestion i would like to make, add a 'not' option, so if i click on the "not" element, it doesn't trigger, example:

<a href='http://myurl.com/myapp/' data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-not='#otherthing'>
  <div id='otherthing'>some text</div>
  <div id='notOtherThing'>some more text</div>

this way if i click on anything outside of #otherThing, it will activate the dialog,  but if i click inside #otherThing, it will not do anything. make sense? I can do this easily with programmatically using the dialog, but always thought it would be a useful feature to have for the widget. 

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2 minutes ago, Rikki said:

Could you give an example of a real-world usage of that? I'm puzzled why you'd want to trigger a dialog on a link, but not the whole link.

it doesn't necessarily have to be a link 🙂 i just used a link in my example, in a real world example that i use (well would use if it was capable of it 🙂 ). 


lets say i want almost all of the white box when clicked to trigger the dialog, but for the user icon on the whitebox, i want it to do something else, other than open up the dialog or do nothing at all 🙂.  

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