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[Guide] Case Study on Club Activity Streams

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The club activity page is where you want to spend most of your time managing your club.  It's your dashboard and content stream rolled into one.  It shows all activity that happens in the club, whether posted by you or others so it's a great way to see what's going on.  

Above and beyond viewing the activity, there are additional insights you can get from the activity stream.  

Case Study

On the initial view, this is what you should notice in an Activity Stream:

  • New Members -- lots of new members that are joining, which is great!  This means that new members are attracted to your club.  
  • New Content by Club Staff -- content and comments posted by users who are club staff, which is great!  This means that club staff are actively participating.
  • New Content by non-Club Staff -- content and comments posted by users who are NOT club staff, which is especially great!  This means that you and your staff are engaging with users and exciting them with your content.  

While the initial analysis shows a healthy and active club that's growing with new members, new content, and engagement with users, you can take it a step further with additional insight. All based on this one page of Activity.  

Insights for New Members

High-Value Joins -- Some members don't do anything besides join.  Some members update their avatar and profile.  Some members update their avatar, update their profile, and write a new member introduction.  There's a sliding scale of value for new members, and you can start figuring out your high-value members.  If you see a member who takes the time to update their profile picture or writes an introduction, those are the members that you want to cultivate for engagement.  You can say hello, write a status update on their profile, welcome them to the club, thank them for joining, or some other engagement.  You want to focus your attention on these special members.  It's easier to focus on the high-value joins since they have greater potential to hang out and engage.    


If you see members who updated their avatar, they took the time and effort to update their avatar.  That's great!  And if a member took the time to introduce himself in the Introductions board.  These are two types of members that you immediately want to focus on for further engagement.  

Insights for Issues

Because the Activity Stream shows a listing of all activity from all members, you can use it to quickly identify any issues to correct or opportunities for engagement. 

Issues -- Maybe a member has a question, complaint, or uploaded incorrectly.  Use the Activity Stream to quickly scan and hone in on these issues to immediately address.

Insights for Opportunities

Opportunities -- What can help your club grow and prosper over time are superusers, who day-in and day-out applaud and cheer you on.  Just how you like to be recognized for the amazing work that you put into your club, they also like to know that their comments are appreciated and welcomed.  You should start to see a pattern of users who consistently comment or react to club content.  Those are opportunities for engagement to thank them, ask how they're doing, or find ways to deepen your connection.

The more that you can deepen your relationship with users, the more emotionally connected they will feel with you and your club.  You can start to see patterns where a user writes multiple responses AND his responses are full comments (not just one word or reaction).  Those are users who write a good comment.  

Insights for Popular Content

The Activity Stream will show the number of reactions each post receives as a measure of its popularity.  

Popular Content -- Next to each item will be the number of reactions.  You'll see cute icons like a green thumbs up.  These are all positive signs and votes that users like the content.  You can use this to quickly identify content that's unusually popular.  For example, if you normally post a discussion that gets 5 reactions but a recent discussion receives 10, then that should make you perk up.  

If you notice that users especially like this topic, then you can expand the conversation, use it as a springboard for related conversation, bring it up in your next club announcement as something to check out, or recommend it to your community manager for social media promotion.  Your goal is to start seeing trends or unusual items that are especially popular, so you can use it to re-engage with users.  

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