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Currency symbol in front, instead of abbreviation behind?


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Unfortunately the currency display is inconsistent in IPS. 

In different areas currencies are either displayed in symbols or in abbreviations (depends on where you are, frontend/backend/aso).

Afaik know, the currency display is hardcoded (for each location) and you can't set it globally.

This should be added in features & suggestions (was already reported in former topics, but didnt change since then)

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12 hours ago, bfarber said:

The currency formatting is mostly handled by the locale in use, however there can be some exceptions. Where exactly do you see it not formatted in the manner you would like?

We're seeing this issue in Commerce. In the UK we always use £ instead of GBP and it should be in front (prefix) of the figure.

Where do we set the locale to ensure it uses the British formatting?

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If the money_format() function is available in PHP (it is not available in some operating systems, such as Windows and at least some versions of BSD) AND the international currency symbol defined by the locale for the language pack in use matches the currency symbol defined in your Commerce currency configuration, money_format using %n should be used (which would typically produce a British pound symbol).

In AdminCP visit Customization > Languages and make sure when you edit the language pack you are using that the correct locale is defined (en_GB.UTF-8 most likely, but you may need to check with your host).

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