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Adding list of categories on non-DB page


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A colleague has asked me to set up a page where she presents the site. Part of it contains the categories we have in our articles database along with their descriptions. Clearly I could just type them out but then I'll have to be mindful of when new categories are added or descriptions changed etc.

What I'd like to do is drop a block in the page. That's not possible because there's no database assigned to this page. So it seems I need to create a block. I'd be able to do a reasonable job with the templating part (it's not much different to creating a template for a Pages database) but I don't the code necessary to say we're going to load from database 3 within the block.

Would anybody be able to kindly help me with the first part, namely informing the block that we're looking at data from database 3, please? The rest I think I might be able to pull together myself.


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Amazing coincidence! I just found the same page after recalling seeing it in the past. That's what made me think it was possible but I couldn't track it down 🙂

(I got there in the end by searching in that forum for a post by Brandon in which I knew he'd mentioned 'time'.)

Yep, got the important bit (the data being loaded) working. Now the fun bit (templating) can begin 🙂

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