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EmojiMania - Tips & Tricks

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Hi Everyone!

It wasn't til last year after summer that I took a deep look into the emoji world. 
For me, emojis were something related to board discussions and emotions, you know: 😂 😔  happy, sad etc.  For more daring and sexy conversations, the cats: 😸😻

Then, after summer I started to reorganize my forum written instructions a little bit and suddenly I understood how useful those pesky emojis could be.
I changed this:

  • Go to this section .... blah blah
  • Click on the button ... blah blah
  • On the top of the screen, select ... blah blah

For this:


1️⃣ Go to this section ... blah blah
2️⃣ 🖱️ Click on the button .... blah blah
3️⃣  On the top of the screen, select ... blah blah

or  sometimes this:


✔️ Go to this section ... blah blah
 ✔️Click on the button .... blah blah  (  don't click on the other button )
 ✔️On the top of the screen, select ... blah blah


The bottom line is that I could highlight what it was really important. I could stress the important rules while also listing the less important. Visually it made a lot of sense. 

By the end of last year I also decided to make some forum rules more visible and I realized again how useful those emojis could be.


 Do not insult
 Do not paste NSFW pictures in this section


⚠️ Do not paste unsecure images, all links must use https
⚠️ Don't quote big images

It's obvious that  means forbidden and ⚠️ means "be careful"

Another interesting thing about emojis is that you can adapt the size for different situations and use the emojis more or less important. More or less rude.





This year I finished my newsletter to the community signing like this:


Thank you Bros !!  🤜🏼🤛🏼


Another interesting thing about emojis is that you can add them to Category Titles on the forum, you can add them to Forum Names, you can add them to the Forum Descriptions and you can also use them with the Forum rules, plus the blocks & widgets with a text editor. 

And yes, you can make your community look cheese if you abuse them, but I think they are a nice resource that you can use to highlight important details and to escape from boring texts that nobody reads. An Emoji in the right position can make a difference. 

I thought someone could use this tips, specially the ones with  & ⚠️

If you have any more tricks using emojis, I like to know.  Please share them
If you have or there is a reason for not using emojis this way, please also let me know too.

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