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How to preview iPhone .MOV files in gallery?


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I am not 100% certain - but based on my experience this has to do with the browser and OS you are using, it is not an Invision issue. If you are using iOS or a Mac, the .MOV movies should display as expected.

If you are on Windows or Android, some browsers (including Chrome, I believe) do not have the ability to play .MOV movies on any platform (if I remember correctly, Firefox might).

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Yes, unfortunately video support on the web just isn't where most of us would like it to be.

Gallery accepts video uploads, and then outputs them using a <video> or <embed> tag, depending upon the format. We do not perform any transcoding, which is realistically the only solution in today's landscape to solve this issue, but requires a lot of server power behind the scenes (the ability to do this is far beyond what most clients can do, so it would have to be made available as a service, but this isn't something that's super cheap to do either). Otherwise, currently what happens is the browser decides if it can play a given format or not, and acts accordingly.


This used to be commonly worked around by using a container player written in Flash, however as we all know Flash has more or less died on the web and support for it is minimal (iOS can't and won't support it at all, for instance).

So, in summary, MP4 files are fairly safe and can be played by most user agents on most devices. WebM format is up there as well. Pretty much nothing else is universally supported at this time, and there's not a lot we can do about that.

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