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Show rotating ad in header

Mike Gholson

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Hi all,

I'm seeking some advice on the latest version of IBP.  I would like to show a rotating banner in the area just below the username (in the top header).  This space is open for my site but I am having a difficult time trying to place it.  I followed the guidance for manually placing ads and have figured out how to edit the global template.  I can get the ad to appear, but, I would like to 'right' justify the ad.  Here's the code I am using, it's only showing the ad in the center:


                <div class='ipsLayout_container'>
                    {template="logo" app="core" group="global" params=""}
                    {{if !in_array('ipsLayout_minimal', \IPS\Output::i()->bodyClasses )}}{template="userBar" app="core" group="global" params=""}{{endif}}

My ad is called 'DirectSponsor'

Any advice on how to get this to show up on the right?

One additional question, the ad will stretch the vertical size of the header.  Is there a way to do this without enlarging the header?

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