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PHP interpreters limit for IPS4.x

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I'm thinking about change my hostmaster, I choose one of fastest in my location but dont know how to deal with PHP interpreters limits for IPS 4.x. For choosen plan I got 70 system processes with 80% php interpeters limit of 70 available system processes (so it will be about more than 50 php interpreters). I run once my site on a host that all requests fill more than 30 limit.

Right now I try to find a host for my site that allows me to run my site with those limits without any issues. Does anyone of you know what the limit of php interpreters will be optimal for IPS 4.x.

My new hostmaster info :


Remember that the limit of system processes also includes PHP processes, mail, FTP connections, SSH, cron task processes and other application processes that you run on your account - including processes based on other technologies. Please take into account all running processes before changing the limit.

What does the limit of PHP interpreters mean?
one PHP interpreter is one php-fpm process.
This limit means how many PHP interpreters can be run at the same time, the more efficient the script is running (the faster it is executed), the faster it "releases" the interpreter.
Example for a page that generates 100 ms (i.e. an optimized page based on WordPress) and the highest MD4 packet (which defaults to 15 PHP interpreters):
- one process can handle 10 requests in one second, ie 15 PHP interpreter processes can handle 150 requests / second. After increasing the limit to 80 processes, it will be 800 requests / second.

I will be grateful for any help and guidancee 🙂

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If your host is enforcing these types of restrictions, all you can do is try it, then upgrade as needed based on the traffic on your community, there isn't a method to give you the answer you are looking for though I'm afraid.


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