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[4.4] Please allow clubs to show in search results.


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IPS Developers if you're listening - please entertain this idea for 4.4.

- Being able to search for clubs via the search system. (not content within clubs but clubs themselves)

The reason I ask is I want to build a site around hobbies and use the clubs system as the core focus of the site. Well I anticipate there being quite a number of clubs and manually searching through lists/pages of clubs for a specific club may become tedious. Would there be a way in which you could include clubs in the search results and approach this in a similar way to how reddit deals with finding subreddits within their search. I've attached a picture.

For example, if our site has 200+ clubs and a user is wanting to find a club about knitting - they would have scroll through pages to TRY and see if such a club existed. However if they were to search for 'knitting' using the search tool - perhaps all the clubs relating to knitting will show and suggest or allow the user to join them. Perhaps incorporating tags into clubs and have the search results pull from tags/name of the club to form results would be a good way to make this happen.

If you have the time, I'd love to see your thoughts on this. The clubs system is such a wonderful feature on invision and I'd love to see more done with it!

Thanks for your time!




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