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Removing gallery images


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What is the criteria for deletion that you're using?

"Some" images in an individual album, the entire Album, an entire Category, etc?

Images can be deleted from an individual Album by using the select boxes when viewing the Album itself.

On e.g the Gallery -> Member's Albums -> "Admin's Album" page, each image will have a checkbox in its upper right:


You can select any or all images shown on that page then use the popup at the bottom of the page to delete them all at once.

As well, you can delete an Album, or entire Category, and choose to delete all images within each.

But if that's not what you meant, can you clarify?

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I've not checked this although in previous versions it would remove the db entries but not physically unlink (delete) the image files themselves, at least as far as I can recall. If it does remove them that's actually a good thing really as otherwise the filesystem uploads would contain redundant data. :)

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