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Theme picking error?


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Without actually seeing it do that (it looks OK to me) I'd suspect either an outdated theme or a language error, the latter seems slightly less likely as you do not appear to have any other languages available to guests at least.

If you can't change the theme for yourself on the front end, go to the Admin Panel, edit your account and switch your theme choice to another one or the default, then look at the listing again on the front end. Does it work now ?

If it does then the theme you were using is the likely culprit here. Now knowing which one it was check the support topics and/or downloads for updates to it. If you cannot find said topic just say which one it is. 🙂

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8 hours ago, steve00 said:

theme changes for me

I only tried one. My theory although I did not try it was perhaps one of the themes was out-of-date causing that issue. Only by going through each one (and then assuming there's not more that are not member only rather than guest viewable) could be sure. 🙂

EDIT... Actually I think they are mostly @ehren. themes.

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