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Using Pages to display list of advertisements


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I might be looking in the wrong place, but I haven't found a way to create a page in Pages that displays (pulls) the IPS advertisements.  Is this possible directly through Pages?

(Poor but simple) Example:  Pull all active/enabled 728x90 ads and display them in a single column format on Pages?

Pretty sure there are manual ways to do this by adding the ad key manually as described here:

However, I want to try to automate this such that ad subscribers can purchase ad placement through the IPS Advertisements and then automatically display them on a given target page (such as by category).   I'm guessing you could also add custom locations somehow, but it still requires manual setup to add a custom location per ad and then also manually add it to the Pages HTML.

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In the guide, doesn't it explains exactly what you need to do this task?

You add it manually and it pulls the advertisements your users add automatically.


In pages or blocks

The tag can be inserted in a page, block or template within the Pages application. Simply insert the tag wherever you want the advertisement to show.

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