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42 minutes ago, kmk said:

Please ips need a little more instruction about size or px. Without this information, I have to try many time changing the image size or px to fit it.

Editing Default 2018-12-23 12-04-40.png

Find the logo is up to you, there is no right or wrong size (unless making image like 3000px wide then would be too large), just look at the space you have on left side and make logo slightly smaller, if want it taller then make it taller (if look at themes on my website using theme changer you will see logo's are all different sizes)

Favicon size can be found using google and recommend 16px x 16px

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Yeah, this is a silly complaint. If you have a pre-existing logo, do you really want IPS telling you that you can't use it because it doesn't fit some arbitrary dimensions? Design an appropriate logo and use it. Easy.

And I don't see why there's any justification for complaining that they haven't told you what the favicon dimensions are. If you have a favicon (a .ico file), then it's already in appropriate dimensions.

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I would like to say, the screenshot that I provided is only an example of all...

There is other experience, Email logo, I have to try 3 times, resizing the logo to make it more esthetic possible...you can find others modern software they otfen tell you the best size or px according their standard design and optimum setting

Email Settings 2018-12-24 18-55-53.png

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