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SPAM phrases to target manual SPAM?


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We are getting a lot of manual SPAM from new members targeting other members with explicit PMs.

In XenForo we could define "spam phrases" which would automatically put PMs/posts into moderation or reject them automatically:



A spammer may manage to bypass the automated registration checks and successfully register. A second line of defense can be added to prevent them from submitting their spam content. These options are found in the Spam Management option group.

  • Spam phrases can be defined. If any of a user's first few messages matches theses phrases, an action can be taken. For example, some spammers submit messages with "watch film name online". We can match that with "watch * online" and simply block the message.
  • For more dynamic content matching, Akismet can be checked. This is a service that uses heuristics to determine if the submitted content is spam. If Akismet thinks the content is spam, the content will be placed into your forum's moderation queue and you will need to manually approve (or delete) the message before it is displayed to normal visitors.


Is there something similar in IPS?

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Hi everyone,

Unfortunately we have a harasser that is bypassing the filter by putting a period (full stops) in-between the vulgar words.

This is really stressing our staff and members out as members are getting harassed via the PM system.

Is there a solution or do we need to keep adding manual variations in the word filter?

Example below (warning, vulgar language):

c.um in your slu.t vagin.a 

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