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[Bug?] Moderation settings

Sledge FTB

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Hi all, we're running latest power board v4.3.6 and encountered some issue with applying moderation rules, which IMHO can be classified as a bug. Would be great if this behaviour can be confirmed by others.

What is going on?

We have separate moderators-groups with rules applied on board basis. In other words, separate moderators per board.
It turns out that if you change moderations rules in [AdminCP] ... &app=core&module=staff&controller=moderators that some settings are applied site-wide, outside their boards. Only when you re-apply the boards (read: select all forum > save > re-edit > apply boards > save) the rules are restricted to those boards only.

This is not all, it turns out that some 'can edit ...' and 'can hide ...'  rules are always applied site-wide, no matter what.

The issue seems obvious to me, assigning a moderator to a board turns out to be able to hide and edit messages forum wide, quite serious unwanted behaviour.


Picture says more than words ..... I've disabled 'Edit ....'-settings for now, but the group is still able to hide messages forum wide.



For the record, the 'content'-tab is all disabled. So no conflicts there.



To confirm the issue I've deleted the moderator group and started applying rules from scratch.

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On 12/21/2018 at 8:12 PM, Mark H said:

Please file a ticket to support

Thank you for picking up on this @Mark H

I was about to file a ticket when I encountered this;


Not sure if this patch is fresh coming from this topic or that it was waiting for me for over three weeks or so. I've applied the patch (the installer faecested itself completely, so I just spend over an hour getting back an backup, but it is applied now).

I will do some testing again before filing a ticket.


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