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My subscription renewed but I didn't do it.. ?? WTH?


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It's ok, I was going to do it anyway. I've just had in the last week

  • My brakes went out $400
  • My roof started leaking $??? (still not sure)
  • Plumbing under my house cracked $1,200
  • Supplemental property tax (surprise) $1,074 (Thanks county assessor)

It's been a rough week (but I digress),  ... I was going to hold off till I got through the holidays

Thanks for clearing this up!

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2 hours ago, bfarber said:

New roof is going to be $5000+ depending on size of your house. I'll hope the leak is easily fixable and you don't need a whole new roof. 😉 

Thanks.. it's been a rough month for some reason.

I do appreciate all you guys do. Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!!

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I know I'm stating the obvious, but if possible it's well worth paying a bit extra to go with a reputable company.  Here in Australia "tradies" (tradespeople like plumbers, roofers, etc.) are huge business (sometimes I don't think Aus does anything else aside from footy, cricket, restaurants and tradie stuff), and there are lots of people of wildly varying quality.  There are also scams where people will roll up to your house and say "oh, you have roof problems, we can fix that for you today or tomorrow!"...seniors are often caught up in these scams; one lady was charged $169000 by scammers!

Anyway...hope it's a quick fix and hope things are looking up.

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