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Can Users Change Display Names w/ Wordpress SSO Plugin?

Kaitlin Smith

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Hi all,

I just reached out to this plugin's developer (Stuart) only moments ago but thought I would post this here in case any you may have the answer sooner. I am wondering if there is a way for users to change their "display names" themselves through Invision Board. Whenever I click on "change display name" when logged in as one of my dummy users, the page redirects to Wordpress/Memberpress. Is there a way around this?




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The plugin likely synchronizes their name with the source WordPress installation, which is typical in an SSO environment. So, if they change it on the WordPress side, it'll automatically update in IPS.

I am unsure if the plugin does that, though, so it'd be best to just wait for a response from the author for an official answer. 🙂 

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