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Different content on page

Thomas Hop

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Hey guys,

I have several pages that I made in the Pages application where I have some general information etc. But it's only viewable in the standard Dutch language of the website. I have English translations for every page but how can I make it so that whenever a user is using the English language the page is showing an English text. 

The only thing I can change is the name of the page based on language. But I need to change the content.

Anyone knows how to do this?


Kind regards

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It is possible with code in a manual HTML page actually. Much less so with a page builder page. Check against \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->id or if preferring to check against locale strings instead of numbers, \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->short

Despite the apparent use of a logged in member object, this works for guests as well due to the way \IPS\Member works.

Alternatively, see this post. In 3.x any admin could just add a language string, but that was removed from the core in 4.x, or I would have just said to dump them into the language system to begin with.

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If you are creating a page in Pages, you can do this using HTML logic based on Marcher's suggestion.

If you are adding a database record, however, it is not possible. Translatable fields should ONLY be available to administrators, however quite often database records can and are added on the front end, so we enter a bit of a gray zone there. I've seen this question come up before, but it's not as straightforward as it may seem from a software POV when you only consider one usage.

The custom language strings approach is honestly your best option, even if it requires a separate app.

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