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Is it possible to allow members to use the reaction feature while having the reputation feature turned off?

or if not --- is there a way to hide the reputation count on member postbits or to change the word reputation?

thanks very much for your help

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You can set all the reactions to give/remove 0 reputation if it's not something you want your members to earn.  This will allow you to use the reactions without it.  As for hiding reputation on the post profiles, you can do a simple template edit or remove it via CSS.  CSS is always preferred to make updating Invision easier, but it's at your own discretion.  

Template Edit 

Template: postContainer


<li>{template="reputationBadge" group="global" app="core" params="$comment->author()"}</li>

On the default template, it's on line 51.  Delete the line OR comment it out (to preserve it) and save.  To comment it out, simply change that line to this:

<!--<li>{template="reputationBadge" group="global" app="core" params="$comment->author()"}</li>-->


Add to your custom.css file:

.cAuthorPane_info .ipsRepBadge { display: none; }

To change the word reputation into something else, this is done via the language tools.  You would go to your AdminCP > Customization > Languages under "Localization".  Select which language you want to modify the term reputation on and click the edit button.  Search for the term "reputation" and change the resulting entries to a term you'd better prefer.  

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