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App for custom downloads requests


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I have content contributors who can sell their digital content in the downloads app.

However, members are reaching out directly to content contributors and making custom requests (Cutting me out of the loop)

This is bad for several reasons, 1, I don't get paid, 2. if the customer gets burned suddenly they are mad at me for the deal going sideways.

I would love a way to allow users to connect with contributors through the system and make a request, fund the request and then once the product is delivered the system charges the user, takes my cut and gives credit to the contributor.

Essentially a site approved way to make custom digital download requests.

Any ideas?

I thought about using the classified system but it seems like that is designed for physical products.

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12 minutes ago, SJ77 said:

Any ideas?

Have one of the developers create it according to your needs. It’s a classic case. It’s a highly specific request you will never find as stock product. And you intend to make money with it, so there might be enough room for an investment in the feature. 

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39 minutes ago, SJ77 said:

Hi CodingJungle, certainly looks like a neat concept for project management. I am not totally sure how I could apply it here.

Thank you 🙂

yeah i didn't think it was after reading your description, but you never know. i've seen people use my apps in ways i had never dreamed of before. 

hope you find what you are looking for. 

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15 hours ago, CodingJungle said:

I am working on this, i could integrate with commerce:

some one suggested to me it might be what you are looking for, but after reading your description i don't believe it would be. As the app i'm working on is more for project management. 

Is something like Trello right? 

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7 minutes ago, kmk said:

Is something like Trello right? 

it wont be a trello clone, but some of the agile workflow design elements i will be using for it. trello is a fine project manager, but the main issue i have, is trying to get my clients to use some of this stuff, its already like "this site for this, that site for that, this yet other site, etc" so the more i can pull under one roof, the easier and happier things are for them. 

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1 hour ago, CodingJungle said:

it wont be a trello clone, but some of the agile workflow design elements i will be using for it. trello is a fine project manager, 

Don't worry, I don't critic if you have Trello cloned, if this is the case, I have to say, waooooi I like it, we have a world class app inside IPS... :rolleyes: I want to buy it... 

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