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post live-migration DB bloat?


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I've recently finished a live migration of my site to a new VPS provider.  Everything has been working fine, but I notice that my Invision mySQL DB, which used to be about 145MB, now shows up on CPanel as about 280MB!  I tried downloading an individual backup of my Invision DB from my old account and reinstalling/overwriting the DB from the live migration; everything still works front-end, but CPanel still shows a 242MB mySQL disk usage (my VPS provider performed a MariaDB optimisation, which apparently shaved about 40MB off).

My provider told me that on their end the DB listed at the correct size (~150), but CPanel still displays the much larger size, and I'm wondering if that number is what goes against my disk space quota.  My provider said that this larger amount probably also takes into account files associated with the DB, but I've never seen CPanel do this before.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Or does anyone know if CPanel changed things in their front-end stats that now reflects more files than just the DB?

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