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Eliminate render-blocking resources


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Across my forums I am getting reports from google page speed (and others) about Eliminate render-blocking resources affecting the pagespeed on my sites. My sites are 100% invision.

I am not sure what exactly i need to do and wondered if anyone else has figured this out as its giving me bad results in google due to the Mobile priority policy that google are now using.

have excellent desktop reports ranging from 90 to 100 score. Mobile is shocking at 29.

Can anyone giving me suggestions on best place to start? 

I already load js in the footer.


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This site will load faster if you stop Google's font.
This can be done by editing your theme in the Text menu.

Select Body Font and Headline Font value-> Default

Render blocking for all other CSS can be removed, but this requires a lot of analyzes, creating and installing a critical CSS.
It is understandable that this is a paid service.
You can see more info by following this link


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