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Is there a way to make it so admins don’t see every club?


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Just curious, how many clubs do you have? What's the member size in each club? 

As an admin, I kind of need to see everything.  Yes I'm a voyeur and a stalker and want to know what's going on with everything on my site.  So I'm surprised that you would want to not see the clubs as an admin.  But I can also understand if you have dozens and dozens of clubs, it can get overwhelming.  

I don't allow my users to create clubs.  They have to be pre-authorized and vetted by me.  

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Thanks for the replies, all!  I'll give some of these suggestions a shot later today.  Woo!


Joel - we've got a lot. I had one user in particular create about 8 or 9 clubs based on a project they're working on. I'm totally happy to have users create whatever clubs they need.. this is an easy way for them to organize their groups of folks. However it can get overwhelming for the admins. :)

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