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Hi Opentype,

Do you have a demo? I think if I understand your product that you have implemented what I  had on my homepage forums: https://www.christforums.com/

The avatars were removed and the last column that displayed last post information etc?

If what you made will make my Behemouth template look the same but way of plugin rather than stripping code etc from forum templates I'll purchase your product.

Thanks in advance for answering my questions.


Note: I purchased it for the big avatars in topic listing. I already modded my home page but in the future I think this may be a time saver if I run multiple templates.

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Note: I edited the XML (then reuploaded it) and just replaced the two instances for medium with mini regarding the avatar sizes. Now it looks like it is a matter of CSS. to get rid of some of the wasted spacing. 

.EFV_avatar {
    height: 0 !important;

You can see here the results: https://www.christforums.com/forum/58-bible-inspiration-and-translations/

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1 hour ago, BakuEdi said:

I uninstalled the plugin in Plugin section. An when I refreshed the forum it looks like this.



Can you tell me how to roll back t the original version please?

I think you have caching problems. The plugin’s HTML injection is working now, but the CSS is missing, so it looks like this. 
Try clearing the cache. 


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Is there anyway it can be added as an option to show last reply there as well as the main forum page (https://www.walkingfootball.com/forums/)?

I have had this complaint from one of the users but would obviously like to keep using the plugin?

What has happened to the indication of the latest comments on threads? I am not alone in finding this frustrating as it means trawling through every thread whether or not that particular thread is still 'live' or not.
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37 minutes ago, Unlucky said:


Is there anyway it can be added as an option to show last reply there as well as

I won’t add the last poster column. The last reply user is shown on the left now. It makes little sense to show it twice. 
I think I played with adding the text info to the center column as well. I might try that again someday. Or maybe instead of the topic creation time. The reply time is probably more interesting. 

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I just acquired this plug-ins but it makes me lose the last_post link...
In the state I do not intend to use it.

Would it be possible to add the base Invision link on the last_post (/?do=getLastComment) on the date of the last user post?

Otherwise is it possible by modifying templates?


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