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Ip.Content - pagination, search and maybe sorting category.


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A nice addition would be pagination of the list of categories. I know that there is no such thing on the forum, but, I suggest, maybe there will be a simple solution.
I use only IP.Contetnt, at the moment I have 165 categories and is still growing... 🙂 And unfortunately as a user enters the site via a smartphone, it is so difficult to browse. Especially that it is impossible to sort or search by category name. I tried to insert in the code of the template IP.Page such a "live search", exactly this code
It worked even nicely in the sense you could type in the name and immediately it appeared only she, but it also searched in the category descriptions.
Trying to insert a more advanced "live search", with added pagination, unfortunately the site broke down 🙂
So my wish list 😉
- sorting (by name and update last article in category 😉 ) although it is probably hard to do, so you do not have to take it into account
- pagination
- search by category name - maybe something like it is in the admin panel

I did not want to buy additional applications because it is known that the updates may be different, or will work or not. That's why I'm sitting on this IP.Page where it is great by the way 😉

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