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Ips blocks and widgets


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3 hours ago, Daniel F said:

There's an app for this in the marketplace

Which:blink:, in 4.4 will add this, I would like it added in the core... I think it is not much, request a option let admin set block for one section and not globally, or not? 

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4 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

Accept my apologies I was wrong. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8648-forum-sidebar/ is only for the sidebar in forums and not global.

Hope ips can considering with this, and admins like me, not coder, don't have to install extras apps by each little configution that can make our life more complicated.... Many apps, many hooks, many maintenance, many conflicts, many outdated... Then crashed... I have my first experience like that when I using ips cloud hosting... 

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