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Ehnance integration of gallery


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Please add option of "group of authors".

Scene of use: One user upload some pictures, these pictures then can be used to embed into the topic conversation, that is very helpfully, but I would like make this quickly access for others members too (because these pictures are the same topic or project what we working on), so finally all authors can be benefited by this feature, increase the efficiency of communication.

Please add option that let admin or members adding pictures or videos to specific gallery album, when members upload pictures or videos by topics.

Scene of use: I use image feed block to show images that are important, which permanently show on top of the forum, giving quickly access or view if any member need take a look again, but for that purpose I have to upload pictures to the album first, that scene make me have to pending on all pictures uploaded by all members, so if we have this feature (lets say: adding this picture to album) in post level, we be easy for me moderating posts, 1. avoiding have I download picture again then upload to the album. 2. This feature help reducing the work steps of members, avoiding have to go to first Gallery, upload pictures, then use the picture, only one step they need, upload the picture when talking about the topic. Make our life more easy........make ips more easy....

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