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Differentiating between forums with "see" vs "Post" access

Alexis Neely

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Wondering if this is already available or able to pay for development--->

We are brand new and have the forums set up with "read" access on everything so everyone can see the list of different forums even if they aren't a member of it yet so they can be enticed to upgrade to a higher program and/or request access to it.

However, we'd like to gray out or otherwise indicate the forums that they only have "see access" to and don't have permissions beyond that ("read", "post", etc) without them having to click in to see that and get the message to reach out? I am seeing that under "Post a Topic", it does gray out the forums they aren't able to post to so curious if that is possible from the view side?

Support advised me to post here as they think it can be accomplished with either a custom plug-in or perhaps a custom theme but they weren't aware of any specifically. Any ideas?


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