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Designers Mode Global Apply


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Items created in one theme are applied globally to all themes and the default theme internally when using designers mode.

Steps to reproduce:

1.  Create 2 themes - let's say they end up being themes with ids 14 and 15.

2.  Delete default theme (id 0) if it's present.

3.  Enable designers mode.

4.  In an external program like PHPStorm create a new folder in html/core/front/ called pp_whatever_name in theme id 14.

5.  Enter the folder above and create a random file called pp_whatever_file.phtml with garbage text in the file in theme id 14.

6.  Go to the ACP and disable designers mode syncing changes and deleting folders.

7.  Go to Themes in ACP and view theme id 15 (the one that wasn't edited in phpstorm or an external editor).

8.  You will notice that the folder and file created for theme id 14 ends up in both id 14 and id 15 themes.


Default theme (ips regeneration theme) also affected:

If I remove all themes and regenerate a theme via the support tool the changes I made for theme id 14 above are in the IPS default theme.

I had to delete rows in the core_theme_templates table to get the base theme back to normal.

DELETE FROM core_theme_templates WHERE template_id between 12427 and 12452


The above has been confirmed by IPS support as intended behavior.


Though this isn't a huge problem, because in the end, I'll be exporting the theme and importing it into my production site.  I'm not sure having the remnants of a custom theme showing up in the Support tool regenerated IPS Default theme is good, something which takes a database edit to remove.  The biggest issue I see is when developing multiple completely different themes at the same time.  I don't want folders from theme id X to appear in theme id Y.

I would hate having folders from the "The Satan's Book Club" theme ending up in "Christian Bible Study" theme.

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If your themes have different groups and custom templates then you should Synchronize the themes individually. Then, during disabling of the "Designer mode" you need to deselect the "Synchronize changes" option. otherwise all the changes from all themes you have made will be synchronized. 🙂 

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