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Forcing uppercase doesn't work with locale info


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I remember a couple of years back when @Mark kindly added some new language strings to reflect the fact that many languages don't spell their days or months with capitals. He introduced some strings (they end _c) to force capitals in situations where they would be needed, such as at the start of a sentence.

I've noticed on one of my sites that the strings to force uppercase are definitely there:



However, the days are still being shown in their lowercase forms:


I don't know whether there's anything you could do to pull the relevant data from the locale and then display it as a capital. Or maybe you could decouple it from the locale anyway and use language strings? (I'd love to see the locale cast into oblivion one day, since mine's an uncommon language and uploading the locale causes no end of frustration.)

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This looks like, somewhat, of a bug. You'll note if you look in the language system that we have the same language string for _date_this_week and _date_this_week_c. For both, we simply pass the value of %A returned from strftime. I'll make a note to take a look at this, but in the future if you experience something not working as expected I would encourage you to submit a ticket. It's often easier to see the issue "in action", especially when it comes to languages - as an English speaker, the day name is always capitalized so this type of issue does not always stand out.

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Thank you, Brandon 🙂

I did submit the same text and graphics as a bug initially but Support politely suggested it might be better as feedback where the devs would see it. I understand from their side this is beyond messing around in the ACP, so absolutely nothing wrong from my side with their suggestion. Thank you for responding so promptly.

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