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Suddenly my icons disappear in ACP?


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I hade som strange behavior in my ACP and i culdn't figure out what the problem was. My meny icons start to disappear. I thought the problem was with the cache or some PHP functions. I allso translated my site at the same time but I could not first understand that this also affected the icons in ACP. A small tip is to be careful when translating because some ACP icons are also affected if you translate system words as an example:

system    menutab__members_icon     user

I translated the user to swedish and the icon of the Member in ACP disappear.

class="fa fa-user"

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Yep, that will happen if the bit you translate happens to be a word which is the name of a Font Awesome icon.

You'll find them with language strings which start menutab__ . Don't translate the ones which end _icon. Only change them if you want the icon to change but in that case you're not translating; you're choosing the name of another FA icon.

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