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Error when i post new topic after 20 minutes

Do Chung

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Hi all, when i post a new topic in a short time, all it's oke

But when i wirte a new topic while about 20 minutes and click post, this not redirect me to the new post, it only show connecting 😞 .. but new topic still has posted. 😐 .. sorrry my english not good. 

here image :


could you help me fix this proble 😞 .thanks you.

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I actually have reported what may be a similar issue via the client-portal ticketing system that has been impacting my site for a little over a week now. The support folks at Invision have been wonderful and incredibly patient (with me).

If your issue is indeed related to mine, then it would be great if you would submit a ticket - because at the moment - Invision cannot reproduce the issue when they test my site, and none of my users have reported any issues (which is good from a end-user perspective, but makes this very hard to track down).

Their running hypothesis is that there is a bad router or networking equipment somewhere between my location, my ISP, and the servers my site runs on in Invision's cloud. If that is indeed the case, then there would be nothing that Invision or I can do to solve it. I also spent three hours with my ISP's (Charter/Spectrum) Tier III support, and they confirmed it is likely something outside their control and not at my location.

I have a cloud account that Invision manages. Is your site on Invision's cloud or are you self-hosted?

What happens for me is that - intermittently (but very frustratingly) - for example, after watching a video that has been posted to a forum, and then clicking on another tab such as 'clubs,' the page does not fully load, and from that point on certain other content will not load or entire pages will not load. In fact, once the connection is 'broken,' other Invision hosted communities also have issues (below is a screenshot of my going to ESET's forum after my own site hiccuped):


Note that avatars did not load, the progress wheel in the tab is still spinning, and in the status bar at the bottom is "Waiting for content.invisioncic.com," which is very similar to the screenshot you shared.

My temporary solution is to close all the browser tabs, clear the browser cache, close the browser (not always necessary), and start over. That always temporarily solves the problem - but it often 'comes back' pretty quickly (and then I have to repeat the above procedure) at least for a period of time before everything smooths out again).

I had not turned on IPv6 for my network in several years for various reasons, but as a test, I did so this week. That has mitigated the issue somewhat, which may indicate that Invision's support folks and my ISP are correct that there is a problem between my location and the servers our site is hosted on (since the exact route is not the same as over IPv4), but it has not remedied the situation entirely.

It would be great to know if any other users are seeing similar behavior. I am also experiencing much slower-than-normal uploads to my platform - there seems to be no issues with download speeds, however. (I have uploaded the same files to my Google Drive to test if it was a local issue, and the files upload at the expected rate, so it is not likely an issue at my location).

Just for everyone's information: as part of my testing, I accessed my site via my mobile provider (Verizon Wireless) on my laptop instead of my network. I could only test for a limited period of time, but was not able to reproduce the issue on their network (so that strengthens the routing hypothesis), but file uploads were still slower than expected.

Also ... running a traceroute of my site over IPv4 was successful but slow, with five hops timing out prior to destination. A traceroute via IPv6 was fast, only one hop timed out (and timed out quickly).

Thoughts/wisdom from the crowd? One thing that truly intrigues me is that clearing the browser cache always - at least short term - resolves the issue. Is it possible that there is something being served from the sites that is intermittently corrupting the browser cache? If so, would that be a platform (vs. network) issue?

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