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Slow file uploads ...

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I am dealing with a pair of issues, one of which I will not go into here - because it has become clear that the problem is not at Invision's end (or at my end either ... which is frustrating, but a story for another day that may involve differences between IPv4 and IPv6 routing ... good times 😉).

The other issue that has emerged in the past few days, which I now believe is actually it own distinct issue ...

File uploads are taking a very long time. I am on a 100/10 connection (normally I get 115-120/12-18).

A 10Mb file just took about 30 mins to upload, while a 203Kb file took over 90 seconds to upload. The same files going to Google Drive were pretty much instantaneous.

Before I submit a ticket, I wanted to learn if anyone else is also seeing slower than normal file uploads to their communities. Any telemetry that you can provide would be wonderful. Thank you!

Be well,


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