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Multiple Display Names for Posting

Ben Dobson

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Not sure if this is possible, or anyone knows of a mod.

I am looking to be able to "post as" an alternative display name that a user can select when posting.

The reason behind it is that I am using the board as a Play by post scenario and each user plays a character in a certain forum topic, would be great to have their character name shown!



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Hey @Ben Dobson As the resident roleplayer I think I'm the best person to answer this! There is one that requires multiple accounts to do what you require that is located in the Marketplace:

It doesn't let you change the account after it's been posted though. So care is required.

Alternatively, I have a site that has what we call "The Character Mod" (soon to be renamed the character manager). We do require that you be an active participant of our site to purchase it. We maintain it as well as work toward upgrades as a community. We even have a growing list of future wants and needs for it.

The actual mod is this:


We also recommend you join our growing plethora of IPS Staff People:


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