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Make Forums Accessible Link Only?


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Having a forum accessible only through a link is not a feature currently. However, there are better/other ways of securing or restricting your member-base in accessing forums:

  • Member Group Permissions - you can setup your forum to only be visible and able to be used by those groups of your choosing.
  • Password Protected - you can setup a password per forum you wish that has a password which you can provide to those members of your choosing who has permissions to access it.
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59 minutes ago, SlightlyCorruptable said:

Oh, it isn't for securing or restriction, it is simple as a feature.  I wanted to make another section of forums on the forums. Sounds weird, I am sure, but probably will end up doing blogs.

In that case, may I suggest using either our Pages or Blogs applications.

Pages is closer to a CMS (Content Management System) but is a great application for you and a collective of individuals to write a company blog, news articles or anything really. We actually use it to build our whole marketing website and also use it for our company blog. Just to provide some examples or depth of how awesome this application is.

Blogs is more so an application to let your users create their own blogs. 


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