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Anyone using/used LiteSpeed?

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I do not use it, but I did look into it. 

My impressions were that both Apache and Nginx have a lot of documentation out there, and as far as the actual web server aspect, both are fast and widely compatible. Litespeed is a drop in replacement for Apache but costs money to license. Otherwise, it does everything Apache does with some proprietary caching, etc. Benchmarks show it has some speed improvements in certain scenarios.

By far the most improvement I got was offloading php to php-fpm and moving off mod_php a few years back. 

Litespeed purports to be faster than both Apache and nginx at serving static web content, but I don’t think that’s a problem for most people these days. If you get the traffic that requires the level of tuning to shave off that small percentage of overhead that litespeed would get you, you’re probably well down the path of a fairly custom server stack anyway that should be tuned specifically for your site and traffic patterns. 

I personally didn’t think the license fee justified whatever small performance improvements it would give my site. Your mileage and needs may vary. 

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