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Tutorial of apply landing page


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1 hour ago, kmk said:

which steps I have to take go on, how can I use it in my Pages app. 

Simple for just a landing page

first off, make sure that the template you buy is just a HTML template and Independent. don't buy any wordpress, joomla...etc themes

now here is a short explanation

  1. Page -> Templates -> create JavaScript/CSS templates and paste in the css and js contents from the template you buy.
  2. Pages -> Pages- > create a "Manual HTML" page and disable "Use suite HTML wrapper" and for the "Content" of the page you paste all the landing page html contents you bought. and for the "Page Includes" tab select the js/css templates you created in first step.
    now with a little tweaks from here and there everything should be just fine. maybe you don't even need it.
  3. Done. now all you need is to add the landing page you created to Menu manager. or, set the "pages application" default app in ACP -> Applications. and set the landing page you created default page here Pages -> Pages.


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