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Add "Warn user" and "Flag as spammer" to comment controls?


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Hi there,

One of the things we miss from XenForo is the ability to quickly access "Warn user" and "Flag as spammer" directly at a post level.

I understand you can access it by hovering over the member's username/avatar and clicking via the Member Card. This works quite well for Desktop:



But on mobile responsive view, it is not possible to hover.

In XenForo the links were inside the Comment Controls (in IPS, the Reactions/Quote/Edit link area) example:


And this worked well because you can access them even on mobile responsive view.

Is there a way to implement this in IPS? Any plugins?

Closest I could find was this plugin by @Adriano Faria, VERY CLOSE but it adds links inside the post bit, which unfortunately get hidden on mobile responsive view. I'm happy to commission a solution... thanks in advance.


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