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very unhappy with Gallery


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Sorry to say but I feel the IPS Gallery is the biggest piece of junk I have used in terms of a Gallery and it needs to be made better URGENTLY.

It seems the only way to add a description is to:

1. first upload an image and save it,

2. then go to the saved image in the gallery open it up again,

3. select Edit using the cog wheel top right,

4. and then you can add your description and save it again

How silly is that and makes it very frustrating to users and in fact since moving over to IPS from XF my users have stopped adding images to the gallery.

Also you need to, no sorry you MUST, add the ability to not just add images but to add videos like YouTube, Vimeo etc as a link and display the video in the gallery...so many people have asked for this but it seems to be getting ignored

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Might I suggest a Support ticket to IPS describing your desired workflow? They are usually really good about explaining how best you can utilize the core software, regardless of app, to meet your needs. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're on a rant without having all of the information available. 

Best of luck. 

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Doh, thanks for the advice...couldn't see that you can click the image to add a description in all my frustration...pity you can't use the gallery as an all in one media section allowing for the adding of a YouTube or Vimeo video instead of the image, I know you can add it to the description but you have to upload an image first...mind you it seems many other people have asked for the same thing

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3 minutes ago, ibaker said:

Thanks @Aiwa I have been looking at that for a while now but still think it would be better it all media was in one solution

Fair, just offering a suggestion.  One thing it does do is solve a problem for you today, that could be converted another day (should IPS implement such a feature in Gallery). 

Quite often the enemy is time, how long until a feature you desire is available in such a way that you want it? Do you let small issues stand in your way now, or do you tackle what you can and give your community the best experience possible with the resources available in the present?  

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30 minutes ago, ibaker said:

Ok, I have purchased the Video Library addon...now here is the big question, what is the simple way to move all the videos that are in the gallery over to the Video library

I'd recommend contacting the developer of the add-on. 

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