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Social Search 5.2 Released!

  • Added widget for scaled popular search terms
  • Added configurable number of scaled popular search terms to widget and block

Block number is in ACP settings, widget number is on the widget settings on the front end when messing around with widgets. Widgets have different scaling CSS calls, just look them up and adjust as needed.

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So what are you all thinking here? Things have calmed down enough for 4.5 upgrades on my end to swing back to this.

On the one hand, I'm not all that incentivized to keep on with this as with IPS building it in sales are probably gonna be crap. On the other hand, it's already built out so. And on the third hand (be glad I'm not counting legs...), my tracking is still more detailed.

I know you all will want, in general terms, the ability to not track tags, the ability to wipe out entries in the ledger based on term, based on ip address (enter term or ip address, remove all entries, that kind-of thing), I've had a widget or two on my list from the before time to do, plus this geo-thing...

Floor is open.

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