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signature permission behavior


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Following scenario: I enable permissions for a usergroup, for example unlimited lines, links allowed, images allowed.  A user creates a signature with image, link and more lines.

Now I disable the permissions for that usergroup I gave before. But the signature is still showing in old posts and new created posts because the signature with links and images of the user is still in his profile.

This isn't a normal behavior, in theory it's a bug? 


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On 11/19/2018 at 11:53 AM, Ramsesx said:

in theory it's a bug?

Only if the intended design of the permissions changes you made was for the software to then go and rebuild everyone's signatures to impose the permissions changes.

It's not designed that way - there is no rebuild. The signature has to be manually edited so that the new permissions can be imposed on the user's content in the signature.

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Content that is submitted is stored already processed. If you change something after it is submitted, we don't go back and change what has already been stored.

Just like if I as a user have permission to post new topics in Forum A, then you change permissions for Forum A so I don't have permission to post new topics in there, my existing topics aren't deleted or hidden. I just can't do that moving forward.

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