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data-ipsTooltip stripped from ckeditor button


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I've bitten the bullet and tried my hand at creating a (sort of) plugin, ie adding a button to my editor. What I wanted to achieve was something like this, where a user could add an explanation about a word if it were difficult. (The site is for language learners so articles are supposed to be in easy language.)


Here's the code from my button:

<a href='#' title='{option}' data-ipsTooltip>{content}</a>

But what I'm getting is this:


and the reason is because my data-ipsTooltip isn't present:


If I change the code in my browser, then everything is fine:


So the problem centres on data-ipsTooltip being stripped. Why is that? And how can I work around it?

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3 hours ago, Meddysong said:

Thank you, Daniel. I've got CSS working but am not having any luck with JS. I tried entering "data-ipsTooltip" in the JS field, since that seemed the likeliest thing. Do I need to enter it differently?

The setting lets you specify additional allowed data controllers (e.g. values that can be used in data-controller).

You will need to create a plugin on \IPS\Text\Parser against the _htmlPurifierModifyHtmlDefinition() method to allow any new attributes. You'll probably be looking at something like

	 * Customize HTML Purifier HTML Definition
	 * @param	HTMLPurifier_HTMLDefinition	$def	The definition
	 * @return	void
	protected function _htmlPurifierModifyHtmlDefinition( \HTMLPurifier_HTMLDefinition $def )
		parent::_htmlPurifierModifyHtmlDefinition( $def );

		/* Allow the data-ipstooltip attribute on 'a' tags */
		$def->addAttribute( 'a', 'data-ipstooltip', 'Bool' );


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2 minutes ago, bfarber said:

You'll probably be looking at something like

I think I'll probably need to have somebody else looking at that! My first attempt at a "plugin" (ie creating a simple button) seems to have morphed into actually needing a plugin. 

Thank you for the push into the right direction 🙂

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