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Missing tabs in Staff Moderators


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Can someone confirm the issue? I have fresh install of 4.3.x with no modifications. Just right after installation I go to the ACP->Members->Staff->Moderator. I can see the tabs:

  • General
  • Content
  • Member Management
  • Warnings
  • Databases

I cannot see tabs for

  • Forums
  • Calendar
  • Blogs
  • Gallery Images
  • Gallery Albums
  • Articles

The applications for the missing tabs are installed and enabled. I have run Support tool, there is nothing that is wrong on the installation. 

I have the same issue on my other localhost installation that has some 3rd party apps installed. I am missing the tabs for these 3rd party tabs as well.

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Specifically, if a moderator has something globally checked under the "Content" tab, we do not show the option on a per-content-type basis (because they already globally have permission to edit or delete or whatever). So you can also uncheck everything under the "Content" tab to make the per-area tabs show up.

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