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4.3 Gallery images: please improve the weird user experience

The Old Man

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I've been using Gallery 4.3.x since it was released and whilst the bulk uploaded and touch nav is much better, I just can't get my head around the concept of viewing images in this release. It's just plain bizarre, perhaps even conceived to torment by the devil himself.

Bear with me...

Here's the UXP to just view the actual image that you want to view full-size and to get the real image filename-based url link for it:

  1. View an album that contains images.
  2. Click on the chosen image you want to view. (So far, so good...)
  3. A slightly larger image opens in a mandatory lightbox-style modal with some of the image's meta info on the side. 
  4. Then because they rarely display automatically, you click on the image again to display the UI button option.
  5. Then you click on the actual button to display the image but to your dismay, it opens in yet another light box, but still not the actual full image, in fact the image appears the same as it did before but without the meta data and no actual image file url, it's still the same url in the browser as step 3.
  6. Clicking on the image again again does nothing. There is another icon button but it takes you back to the previous lightbox from step 3, except you know that the image is 1920x1080 because you uploaded it or you are using Adriano's excellent almost essential mod that displays the image dimensions and filesize.
  7. You click on image tools, to get the option to download the image. If you're using desktop Chrome, it forces you to save the file from a prompt, which in fairness, it did say Download but...
  8. In Safari, the actual full image finally loads. Except there is still no .jpg url, now it's the same seo url but with "/?do=download" appended to it. Not actually very seo friendly when you think about it, it's an action url.
  9. Now, if you go back to stage 2, you can long press or right click to open the thumbnail image in a new tab, you get the same step 3 lightbox but now when you close it, you get a nicer image page with a larger thumbnail. However the url of this page is still the same as in steps 3 and 5 (3 different views with the same url) which needs that essential canonical url for Google.
  10. If you click on the image again, you get 2 icons appear, the usual view larger button, but behold what appears next to it! 
  11. A new button that really does let you open the full image, with a proper real link to your cdn hosted image that ends in .jpg! 

My thoughts therefore lead me to ponder, aside from the multiple mandatory lightboxes, lack of backend server bulk upload feature like Downloads has and missing image meta data (file size and dimensions), why is the pesky little button you get after going full circle not available elsewhere?

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