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Order Update for IPS Commerce store purchases

Jim Kelly

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I sell custom made pc gaming controllers and I'm always at a backlog on orders.  I've been asked a lot, via emails, for a status update on their order.  Is there a plugin or can one be created, that hooks into the commerce end of things to be able to go into each order and update statuses and notifies the customer?  Maybe something that allows the admin to set their own statuses for the update options so it can be used for many other stores out there?

I feel that this would add a powerful option that shows positive customer communications, which customers appreciate greatly.  Or, did I miss something on the commerce app that already does this?  Any info, links to an app that does this, etc, is greatly appreciated!

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You'll need to investigate this more thoroughly, but you can create stock replies and different departments in support tickets. So here's a workflow:

1. Customer buys your stuff.  Auto create a support ticket with stock response A. 

2. Once you accept an order you move the ticket to Department B (which you'll call something friendlier like Order Started), and send out another stock response B.  

3.  Every weekend you go through all outstanding orders / support tickets and send out stock responses.  

4. When order is complete, move to department C (which you'll call something friendlier like Order Shipped), and send it another stock response C.  

It's a very rough draft but it's a way of applying the Commerce support module to fit your workflow.  

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