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How can I change a "Join date" by a user?

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You don’t? Not without manual DB modification. Which has inherent risks, not just in making the change, but in data integrity also. You have now, potentially, altered a static value that is always consistently relative with the SQL auto-increment value, member_id between members.

Out of curiosity, why are you looking to do this?

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I wouldn't mind doing this also, that is changing a member's join date. I initially set up my new IPS board and created a new admin. When I migrated my VB board over I then merged the wrong old account to the new admin account rather than vice versa. The oldest account, mine, now appears to be the youngest with the most posts etc.

Just chiming in to suggest that if such a simple database edit is safe I'm for doing this. Will wait until more feedback.

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My community migrated from forumotion, which to no surprise to their notorious poor customer experience does not allow data transfers, so we let our members make new accounts on the IPB system.  Over the course of the first year and a half, we individually went in and manually edited member's join dates via the database to reflect their true stats.  We stopped doing it at the turn of this year because we wanted to focus on the growth of our current site and leave the old one behind.  We had about 4k active members at that time and we've not run into a single issue stemming from this growing up to 8k forward.  However, experiences are unique and I don't encourage anyone to do this unless you know what you're doing and you're willing to take the risk of malfunction regardless of what changes you're making to a database table, not just members.

I'm a little bumed out that Adriano now has a plugin for this, because that was not a fun time for me or my partner.  Having that much data on the table meant each page load it got slower and slower, and splitting the work just made it drag out even longer.  I'm glad you guys have an alternative now, a seemingly quicker and easier option, thanks to him.  I would have gladly paid $10 or more to avoid that headache.  😅

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