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Preventing members from deleting topics ?


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In the ACP, you can change permissions for deleting content per member group.  We do not allow for anyone but mods and admins to delete content but someone can go in and edit their post for a few hours after posting.  Technically, they can delete the post content and leave just a "." or single character in the post box but they won't be able to delete the actual thread.

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Thank you for your answers. 🙂

In the past, it was possible to allow members to delete posts and not allow them to delete topics. It would have been a good idea, in my opinioin, to keep this option.

So, now I check everyday the deleted content (I set it as a default page in my borwser) to make sure no topic and all the posts it contains are deleted by the topic's author.

The reason is I sometimes have a member who deletes his topic simply because he disagrees or dislikes the answers... This is a lack of respect towards other members (no respect for their opinion and the time they took to help and post an answer).

If I find that one topic has been deleted for no good reason, I restore it and merge the first post with an older topic which contains only one post and which I created for this kind of purpose.

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