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How to install IPB on our test server with this test license


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We purchased the Forum solution and tested it in our test computer by using TESTINSTALL license.
Then, we deleted IPB which is installed on our test computer and tried to reinstall in the test server. But it didn't work! It said, "already using the testinstall license".
We want to install IPB on our test server with this test license.
Please reply to us.
Thanks in advance!

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as per help guides


Test Install

Your self-hosted license allows you to have one live installation (your actual community) and one test installation. We also allow an unlimited number of installations on "localhost" domains so you can test locally without restriction.

If you are installing on a test install, enter your license key with -TESTINSTALL on the end. If you are installing on localhost (it must be "localhost" specifically, not "" or any other alias), this will not count towards either of your installations, however, if you are installing on any other domain, it will count as your test installation.

This means that if you already have a test installation at a different URL, you will receive an error message that says "A test installation has already been activated for this license key. Your license key entitles you to one test installation only." There are three ways to overcome this:

1. You can delete your current test installation and reinstall at the same URL. For example, if your Test URL (as shown in the client area) is "example.com/test", you can install at example.com/test (meaning of course you'll have to delete whatever is there first) and you will not get the error message.
2. You can install on a localhost installation: localhost installations do not count towards your allowed usages.
3. You can reset the licensed URL associated with your license.  The test url is a one time url, so use something you can retain for future testing. To prevent abuse, we only allow this to be done once every 6 months, so do not use this option unless for example, you no longer have access to the domain where your test installation was previously. To do this, click "reset URL" on the same page in the client area.


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